• Hotel
  • Office
  • Gym
  • Club
  • Residential
  • Creative Hub
  • Residential, Office and Retail
  • Office and Retail
  1. Gloucester Cathedral
  2. Gloucester Canal
  3. National Waterways Museum
  4. Museum of Gloucester
  5. St. Oswald’s Priory
  6. Historic Dockyards
  1. Gloucester Station
  2. Transport Hub
  3. Gloucester Airport
Arts & Culture
  1. Kingsholm Stadium
  2. Gloucestershire Academy of Music
  3. Theatre Arts
  4. Creative workspace
  5. Gloucester Quays Retail Mall
  6. Kings Walk Shopping Centre
  7. Eastgate Shopping Centre
  8. Kings Square
  9. River Severn
  10. Gloucester Park
  11. Westgate Leisure Area
  12. The Guildhall
Food & Drink
  1. Dick Whittington
  2. Pepper’s Cafe
  3. Cross Keys Inn
  4. Cafe Rene
  5. Tall Ship
  6. Tank
  7. Gloucester Brewery

Reach Globally.

Connect Nationally.

Grow Infinitely.




Think Differently.

Demand more.

Join the new Reality.

The Forum’s inhabitants demand more. They are intelligent. They enjoy urban culture and rural pursuits. It is not enough to simply provide places to live, work and play in any more. We must create global reaching eco systems where the individual and the collective can thrive, excel and fly.

Imagine a place where Culture, Heritage & Community collide with Technology, Digital Innovation and Global Excellence. Imagine a place where virtual dreams are physical reality. Imagine a place where you meet friends after work in lively bars, cycle into the rolling hills of the Cotswolds at the weekend and spearhead a team redefining global cyber security during the day. Imagine a place without compromise. A place where individuals connect, whilst communities and global networks flourish.

This is the home of the pioneer, the explorer, the analyst and the raver. This is the home of intelligence. This is the home of knowledge.

This is the place where the individual demands a smarter way of working, living and playing. The Forum is where, at the epicentre of the 5.1.8 Degrees ecosystem, this new way of life is born.

400,000 sq ft Technology Quarter Including:

  • 125,000 sq ft of Digital Workspace
  • 43 City Centre Apartments
  • Member’s Club and Gym
  • Retail and Restaurants
  • 410 Space Car Park
  • 1 Acre of New Public Realm

Public Consultation.

Have your say on the Forum proposals. We want the local community to be able to have a say in advance of a planning application being submitted to Gloucester City Council.

You can download the Forum presentation below to inform your feedback.

It would be helpful to the project team if you could consider the following questions in your response:

  1. What is your relationship to the current area?
    Local resident / A councillor / A local business person or employee / Other
  2. How did you hear about the project? Word of mouth / I received a leaflet / other
  3. Do you agree with the principle of redeveloping the site with the proposed uses?
  4. Which of the proposed uses do you think you might use? Car park / Gym / Restaurant / Café / Shop / Hotel / New Homes / Office
  5. We are seeking to improve the public realm. What would you like to see?
  6. Any other comments.

Thank you for taking the time to show your interest and provide us with your views on the project.

Download Presentation
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