Forum Learning Hub


Our mission is to improve the career opportunities of Gloucester residents by helping them to access new learning and employment opportunities created in and around the Forum. The Learning Hub will inspire and enable Gloucester residents to secure good, well paid jobs in the city centre, connecting employers with potential employees and help to build a workforce for the future attracting new business to the city.

1. To raise awareness across all Gloucester community groups of the job opportunities both existing and to be created in the future because of the Forum development.
2. To provide educational resources and facilities to help individuals to access the job opportunities and understand the steps needed to gain employment.
3. To connect new businesses to job seekers thereby encouraging new investors to the city.
4. To build a Gloucester workforce for the future, encouraging young people to stay and build a successful career in the city.
5. To create an inclusive and welcoming space that is accessible to all members of the community.